The TARDIS now looks like a nightclub. 
never has this remix been more appropriate. 

Ahahaa I didn’t expect to like this but I did.

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most accurate thing ever

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avengers gangnam style


avengers gangnam style

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The Avengers deleted scenes - Bruce Banner

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“I’ve seen many things my friend, but you’re right. Nothing quite as wonderful as the things you see.”

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 #hes like the only person in doctor who that has logic #i think its great omg hes like #this is an interdimensional plane its not actually bigger on the inside #and the doctors like what the fuck how did you know #and rorys like i spend a lot of time on wikipedia ok


Doctor Who Series 5 by Christian Petersen

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“What if Foxface realized where she was at that point – she was up against Cato, Thresh, and the team from 12. She wasn’t good with hand-to-hand combat, she relied on stealth and getting in and out of situations quickly. What if she realized that the chances were if up against any of her competitors, she’d die a terrible, painful death. Then, she sees the nightlock sitting perfectly in front of her as she followed Peeta, and thinks: “This is my painless way out. Why suffer more than I need to?” Maybe Foxface was more clever than we all believed.”

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Doctor Who Playground Chant Masterpost


One, Two, Three, Four, I declare a Time War

Five, Six, Seven, Eight, The Daleks will exterminate

Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, The Doctor died and Silence fell

Twelve, Eleven, Ten, Nine, There he goes back in time

Eight, Seven, Six, Five, The saddest word is ‘Alive’

Four, Three, Two, One, Grab her hand and whisper, “RUN!”

Seven, Four, Twelve, Nine, Time’s a ball, not a line!

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#313 Before Finnick left for the capitol, Finnick made Annie something which she kept until the day she died. It was a single piece of string with a complex knot in the middle. A knot Finnick made one day when he was thinking of Annie. It was impossible to untie, even Finnick himself couldn’t do it. As he gave it to her he told her it was a symbol of their love; bound tight and unable to come undone. Their love was as strong as the ocean- it’s strength sometimes going unnoticed, but always vast and consistent.